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About Rebekah Chamberlain

Knowing that Rebekah is most at home working to see others realize their dreams, we’re thrilled to have her putting that passion to work here at Lakes Realty. A lifelong learner and lover of personal growth, Beka takes great joy in her 4 children, as well as running, yoga, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. After 10 years of running a successful small business Rebekah has enjoyed the opportunity to be able to put her strengths to work helping clients with the most significant sale/purchase of their lives. Her Core Values are always live by the "Giver's Gain" she makes her clients' home buying goals her top priority. She's honest, truthful, and lives up to high standards without compromise, she's willing to work towards YOUR common goal, and do what she says she'll do, sometimes more, but NEVER less. Please feel free to email me directly with any questions

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